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 Combat Paper NJ and Warrior Writers are excited to announce
Delta Charlie Tour,
a series of art-making, writing and performance events in the D.C. region:


8/18-8/22: The USO Warrior and Family Center, at Bethesda (for active duty members)8/23-8/24: Cookout and workshop near the National Mall

9/11-9/13: University of Maryland : NextNOW! Fest workshops and three days of camping at Cherry Hill Campground, College Park, MD

10/3 (6-9 PM): Busboys and Poets, Hyattsville, MD: Combat Paper NJ and Warrior Writers Performance


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Printmaking Center is honored to announce that we have been selected as the first Impact 100 Garden State of the Community Foundation Award Recipient. With this generous award, Combat Paper NJ will be able to implement our mobile program throughout targeted areas (HUBS) in New Jersey. Our first HUB is in Somerville, NJ. We are holding veteran workshops, events and an exhibition. Please come by, to check us out. If you are a Veteran, stop by anytime. Please email David Keefe at combat for more information.



All veterans have a story to tell. Combat Paper NJ (CPNJ), a program of the Printmaking Center of New Jersey, offers artistic tools and professional instruction to veterans, providing a space to use art and writing to explore their physical, psychological, and emotional experiences. Our specialty is making handmade paper from military uniforms—Combat Paper. This paper creates a platform for veterans to share their stories, providing a new language for self-expression.

Are you a veteran or active duty service member? Maybe you’d like to make a book out of a uniform you have stored in a duffel bag; maybe you’d like to silkscreen an image from your overseas service onto Combat Paper. CPNJ can help you tell your story creatively.

In casual drop-in sessions, on college campuses, in community centers, and at VA and military hospitals, CPNJ brings printmaking and the art of handmade papermaking to all veterans.

Since its inception in 2011, CPNJ has conducted over 120 workshops, presentations, and exhibitions. The program is run by veterans, for veterans.

Even if you’re not a veteran, there are still ways you can get involved. See for more details.

Uniforms hold the dirt, blood, sweat, tears, and memories of combat that veterans experience. Each Combat Paper NJ session begins with the assembled veterans sharing their stories while deconstructing their uniforms. The process is cathartic and transformative.

The deconstructed fibers of the uniform are beaten into pulp using specially-designed papermaking equipment, creating a slurry of uniform fibers and water. Sheets of paper are pulled from the pulp and dried to create handmade Combat Paper.

Sheets of Combat Paper become the platform for veterans to communicate their stories through art. Veterans integrate drawings, photographs, iconic images, and words into their Combat Paper using silkscreen and other printmaking techniques they are taught. Each finished work of Combat Paper art tells a profoundly personal story.

Public forums and exhibitions of Combat Paper are important opportunities for veterans to talk about their military service. These forums also help the public better understand what combat vets have endured. These interactions begin to bridge the gap that causes isolation and despair, helping veterans recover and move ahead with their lives.



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Printmaking Center of New Jersey is honored to announce that we have been selected as a 2013 Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) grant recipient!

The WWP Grants Program bridges gaps in care and services to post-9/11 injured service members by supporting organizations like us that provide high-quality, high-touch, unique programming in remote or underserved regions. Through teamwork and collaboration, this grant will enhance our ability to support post-9/11 injured service members and foster healthy readjustment to civilian life through programmatic activities aimed at exploring the psychological, emotional, and physical effects of their military experiences through printmaking and handmade papermaking. We will implement the Combat Paper NJ Program in the communities of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital through weeklong workshops every other month from January to Sept 2014. Through a powerfully transformative process, Warriors deconstruct the past by cutting up military uniforms, reclaim their experiences by making paper from the uniforms, and communicate their experiences by printing images and words onto their newly formed paper.

For more information, and a full list of WWP grant recipients, please visit:



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