Citation of Excellence
New Jersey State Council on the Arts

Technical Assistance

The PCNJ now offers Technical Assistance by Master Printer/ Artistic Director Sheila Goloborotko. Sheila founded Goloborotko Studio in 1989 as a center for production and diffusion of printmaking. The studio’s principal goal is to encourage the voice and vision of individual artists to support the creation of works that push the boundaries of printmaking.

Individual Sessions

Customized sessions are created to specific needs of each individual artist and can include: project development, skills development in specialized techniques, problem solving, and development of strategy for printing and editioning. No printmaking experience necessary.

Services with Master Printer, Sheila Goloborotko
Technical assistance: $90 per hour
Sessions offered by appointment as 3 or 6-hour sessions
3-hour session: $250
6-hour session: $450
Additional hour: $75

Turning Point with Sheila Goloborotko
M: $150, NM: $165. No Materials Fee. (2 hour consultation)
Call or e-mail to schedule a session.
Are you feeling stuck with your work? Are technical difficulties stopping your creative momentum? Are you ready to bring your work to the next level? This popular one-on-one consultation with Sheila Goloborotko will help artists solve technical and/or conceptual problems in their work and will bring a fresh start to the creative process. The goal is to encourage the voice and vision of individual artists to support the creation of work that pushes the boundaries of their work. Appropriate for intermediate to advanced artists.

One-on-One Session with Sheila Goloborotko
Members Only: $250, Materials Fee: $20, (3 hours hands-on printing/plate making)
Call or e-mail to schedule a session.
Treat yourself (and your work) to a day of recovery and discovery! Individual sessions (3 hour minimum) in collaboration with the master printer will support the further development of your ideas and concepts towards a specific project and/or give you a chance to experiment with something new in your work; either technically or conceptually. To book a Spa Day, contact Sheila Goloborotko at


For more information on a specific project please contact Sheila Goloborotko, Master Printer/ Artistic Director: