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Volunteer Core


Come join us in the creation of a new branch of the Printmaking Center of New Jersey tree:

The PCNJ Volunteer Core

Created to promote participation in a wide array of volunteering opportunities, the Printmaking Center of New Jersey Volunteer Core (PCNJ Core) has opportunities to suit every skill level and time constraint.

We are looking for energetic, creative people to join us. The PCNJ Core will take on tasks like helping in the studios, hosting openings, and administrative duties – the opportunities are endless!  Give us your vision of how you wish to participate and we will find you an appropriate and fulfilling task.

The larger the PCNJ Core, the greater the scope of benefit to PCNJ. Just a few hours a month will make a huge impact. For those of you who are printmakers, there is an added incentive: each hour you volunteer will give you a free hour in the studio.

Interested in the arts? Interested in maintaining a strong and vibrant Printmaking Center?  Please join us and be part of the PCNJ Core!


The Printmaking Center of New Jersey seeks unpaid volunteers to work at a variety of levels and on a variety of tasks at The Center. Because volunteers have unique skills and interests, we anticipate catering your time at The Center to your interests, experiences and skills. In the past, our volunteers have served on board committees, helped with building/studio maintenance and upkeep, assisted with exhibitions, and managed individual projects that have included graphic design, mailings, contract editions, and education assistance.

Volunteer candidates should not be students currently enrolled in college. Candidates should be available 1-3 days, from 10am-4pm, per week; PCNJ does not set specific minimum or maximum time allotments for volunteers. No Printmaking/Artmaking background necessary. Must provide own transport to/from Center.

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We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!


Thank you!